Welcome to the The Cactus and Succulent Society of the ACT Inc


COVID-19 Update: CSSACT will restart meetings in July, at a new venue.

Meanwhile, we continue to publish Capital Cactus each month.  Please send your articles and photos to our editor.

Monthly Meetings will recommence in July 2020.  

Due to the relaxation of the COVID 19 restrictions previously imposed by the ACT Government for the last couple of months, we are now able to hold our monthly meetings and comply with the amended requirements of the ACT Government.

To comply with these requirements, we hired a bigger venue that enables practical social distancing and an allowance of 4m2 of floor area per person. Therefore, we will meet in the Weston Neighbourhood Hall for July, August and September. (October is our first outdoor meeting for spring and summer.)

Our first meeting at this new venue will start at 10:30 on Sunday, 19th July.  Please read our COVID-19 obligations below.



  1. Social distancing of 1.5m at all times.
  2. On entry to the hall, sign our COVID-19 attendance register, record your name and your mobile or other phone number.
  3. Chairs will be evenly spaced at 4m. Do not move them.
  4. Sanitized hand wipes and liquid sanitizer will be available upon entry and throughout the hall.
  5. Bring your own plate, cup and spoon. The Society will have individual packs of UHT milk, packaged biscuits, coffee, sugar and hot water. Only three people are allowed in the tea room at any one time.
  6. We will set up a longitudinal “talk” table where members will be able to talk to one another, separated by 2 table widths.
  7. If you are feeling unwell, have a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath, do not attend the meeting.