*** We want more members and friends to join us on this trip. ***

Members Price $60.

Friends must add $5 to be covered by the Society's insurance.

On 12 November last year, Hamilton’s World of Cacti (HWC) was badly burnt as the result of a grass fire. Ian Hay and Hugh Tregarthen both have collections on the same site that were also affected. Despite the fire, HWC recovered and went on to display plants at the NSW CSS show on 18 November, and HWC re-opened on 6 December.

When we heard of the fire, the Executive noted that Ian Hay was a prominent member of our Society in the 1970’s. His collection of cacti and succulents is probably one of the finest in Australia, a collection not to be missed. Hugh Tregarthen's collection of Lithops was featured in the spring, 2017, journal of CSSNSW, and he is a Stalwart member of CSSNSW.

The Executive discussed ways to support HWC. First, we agreed to donate $500. Second, we agreed that a shopping trip to HWC would be the best way for our Society to support HWC, and our members would enjoy the trip. I proceeded to plan a day shopping trip.

Kim Hamilton suggested Sunday, 15th March 2020, so I confirmed the coach hire for the day with QCity, a Queanbeyan bus company.

As bus companies forbid eating food on the bus, we will stop at the Sutton Forest service centre (“Sally’s Corner”) in both directions.  For lunch, Kim has kindly offered to provide a BBQ.

To ensure that this trip is financially viable for your Society, we need at least 30 people to travel. We have booked a 48-seat coach. The cost per person will be $60 each, plus $5 temporary membership for friends (i.e. non-members) to ensure they are covered by our insurance.

I encourage members to join this trip to support HWC’s recovery, and to see Ian Hay’s collection of cacti and succulents.

RSVP by 31 January, by clicking on the appropriate button and sending me an email. Please tell me how many will come with you.

Please pay by 14 February, or at our meeting on 16 February.

Trevor Rodgers
Timetable for the day
6:30 Members arrive at departure points
7:00 Bus leaves Hannah Pl, Deakin
7:15 Bus leaves Angas St, Ainslie
9:00 Bus arrives Sutton Forest service centre
9:30 Bus leaves S.F.S.C.
11:00 Bus arrives Hamilton's.
12:30 BBQ lunch at Hamilton's.
4:00 Bus leaves Hamilton's.
5:30 Bus arrives S.F.S.C.
6:30 Bus leaves S.F.S.C.
8:00 Bus arrives Ainslie.
8:40 Bus arrives Deakin.
Yes, I'm coming too!
No, I can't attend
31 January
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Pay by
14 February 
or at our meeting on 16 February.
BSB 641800
Account 200835422
Early Start: 7:00

Departure points:
1. Deakin (Hannah Place)
2. Ainslie (Cnr Angas & Sherbrooke)

Timetable below.