Cactus for the ACT

Here are some of the cactus genera which have been grown successfully outdoors in the ACT. 

Alternate names as provided in recent publications are given in brackets.

Cacti suitable for ACT gardens

Astrophytum species

(e.g. A.ornatum)

Coryphantha species

Echinocereus species

Escorbaria species

Ferocactus species

(e.g. F.townsendianus)


Gymnocalcium species

(most in this genus)

Leutchtenbergia principis

 Lobivia species


Mammillaria species

in moderate frosts e.g

 Mammillaria candida

Mammillaria parkinsonii

Notocactus species

(e.g. N.magnificus)


Oreocereus species

(e.g. O.celsianus)

 Pediocactus species

Rebutia species

Stenocactus species


Tephrocactus species


Trichocereus species

(Echinopsis species)



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