Condensed History of CSSACT

The following is an extract based on a complete article prepared by Miriam and Annette for our 50 years celebration, in 2015.

The Beginnings 1965-1970

CSSACT came about from a number of like-minded people asking the community if there were others interested in forming a group.

  • 3 June 1965 - A notice placed in the Canberra Courier invited people interested in growing cacti to a meeting at Barry's place in Lyneham.
  • 27 June 1965 – At the meeting it was agreed to establish the Canberra Cactus and Succulent Group (the Group).
  • The ‘Group’ was set up under the auspices of the Horticultural Society of Canberra (HSOC), making use of their shows and newsletter
  • 1966 – In less than a year this Group had 35 members.

The Early Years 1970-1985

The early days were characterized by a period of forming the Society, and sharing both knowledge and experience, and sharing the workload with more of the members.

  • August 1972 – The Group became the Cactus and Succulent Society of the ACT, and developed its own constitution.
  • 1970s to mid 1980 – As the workload increased CSSACT officers took a range of roles, including ordering pots and plants for members to buy, and even ordering seeds and plants from overseas.
  • 1973 – The position of newsletter editor was created, with Miriam producing the newsletter with a duplicating machine in her laundry.
  • Early 1980s – CSSACT members formed a studying group on what grows well in the Canberra Region. Steve, Frank and Miriam produced a booklet on what grows and survives in Canberra’s climate.

The Period of Consolidation 1985-2005

Over the next fifteen years CSSACT held plant sales at shopping centres, and built links around Australia, with many of the members attending interstate conventions.

  • 2000 – CSSACT prepared for hosting the National Convention - Succulenticon 2001 - in Canberra, convened by Annette and Mike.
  • 2001 – CSSACT established a meeting location at the Hughes Community Centre, and a place to store the library collection.
  • 2003 – A website was developed for CSSACT by Lindsay.

The Last Decade 2005-2015

Over the last decade CSSACT events have included soil mix days, representation at gardening events, photography and bowl arrangement competitions, and garden visits - both locally and interstate.

  • 2011 – CSSACT hosted a successful Get-Together convention, convened by Jenny. Profits from the event have assisted CSSACT build a larger presence.
  • 2013 – Website upgraded by Up-There web design, and included provision for a member page.
  • 2015 – CSSACT received a Gold Award from the Chief Minister for 50 years of service to Canberra.

Awards for long service to the Society

Awards in recognition of 30 years long service to CSSACT go to Frank, Ian, Max, Shirley, Jim & Anne, Glen, and Annette & Mike.

Awards in recognition of 50 years long service to CSSACT go to Franz and Miriam.

Post-50-year Key Events

2015 - CSSACT moved meeting location to the Weston Creek Community Centre.

2016 - National Arboretum, Canberra, (NAC) invited CSSACT to maintain and manage its Succulent Garden.

2017 - National Arboretum, Canberra, (NAC) invited CSSACT to host Succulent Day at NAC's Succulent Garden. We invited Attila Kapitany and Roger Hnatiuk to speak, and member Trevor Rodgers taught cactus grafting. Despite being very wet, many people came to the lectures. This, and the subsequent day's plant sale, made the weekend very successful.

2018 - CSSACT's increased membership meant we moved meeting location to Chifley Community Centre, 70 MacLaurin Cres, Chifley