Miniature Succulent Garden Competition (2021)

The Society has held this competition several times. It has been a chance to show off our favourite potted succulent or cactus - or even pot.  Many members showed decorated pots, some with miniature garden tools.  One even had a miniature Capital Cactus magazine.

How it will work:

  1. This is a friendly, informal, open competition for fun.
  2. Plants in the garden need to have succulent qualities although non-succulent plants can be included for effect.
  3. Containers (pots, bowls) for the garden need to be easily transportable to the meeting room. (ie not too heavy nor too large). 
  4. Containers (pots, bowls) for the garden can be of any material (plastic, terracotta, metal etc).
  5. Plants need to be established in their containers, be free of pests and diseases, and not be watered for 48 hours prior to judging. (This makes them easier to move and less likely to wet the floor.)
  6. Please write a short description of you garden. Mention your inspiration, types of plants used, and anything special about the garden or pot. 
  7. Only one entry per person/family.
  8. Members present at the Meeting will judge the entries.
  9. Please bring a piggy-bank or similar opaque container for voting tokens.
  10. To vote for an entry, Members will have two tokens to put in the containers for the mini-garden that they consider are the best.
  11. Members are not to vote for their own entry.
  12. The Member that tallies the most tokens will receive a prize.
  13. Remember #1 above.